Stop the Summer Slide in 2015 with Nessy Reading and Spelling

Summer 2015 is upon us, and for many students this will mean sliding backward in terms of reading ability. In many cases this can be as much as 6 months of reversal that wont be made up until well into the next school year. 

Instead of seeing your child slip back 6 months in reading ability, help them slide forward 6 months with Nessy Reading and Spelling! 

Say NO to Summer homework and YES to Summer homefun!

20% off Nessy Reading and Spelling software for a limited time! Start today by using the promotion code: stoptheslide

The program features:

  • Assessment of current ability to establish individual learning objectives

  • Animated games and lessons that make learning engaging and fun

  • Orton Gillingham methods proven to be effective for dyslexic readers

  • Goals and rewards that maintain motivation

  • Reporting and tracking functions built right in

  • Lowest price you will find for comprehensive reading software

Full disclosure

The Dyslexia Reading Well is a proud affiliate of Nessy Reading and Spelling because we believe it offers the best value for money for parents and educators.

Quick Facts

  • Nessy Reading and Spelling is currently used in over 10,000 schools worldwide

  • The software applies an intensive Orton-Gillingham approach in an engaging, fun, and multisensory format

  • Used over the summer for 90 minutes per week, we estimate students will improve 1-2 grade levels in their reading ability

  • Features 100 lessons divided over 10 animated islands

  • Systematic, sequenced approach which develops core reading skills of phonemic awareness, word recognition, vocabulary, fluency, spelling and comprehension

  • Students do not have to be struggling readers or diagnosed with a reading disability to benefit, although this population will benefit the most

  • Nessy Reading has undergone extensive testing which has found that the program significantly improves performance for struggling young readers

  • Students begin their journey by taking a fun, animated reading and spelling assessment which establishes goals and placement within the program

  • When used in the school, students have the option of also working at home

  • Detailed student tracking and reporting functions built right in, allowing teachers and parents to closely monitor progress  

How much does it cost?

A regular one year license of Nessy goes for $100. But, with the summer slide promotion code "stoptheslide" (without the quotes) you can purchase it for just $80, which is about the same cost as two hours of tutoring!  

Other comprehensive reading software programs can run as high as $1500 for three months. In terms of reading bang for the buck, you can't beat Nessy!  

To purchase Nessy just follow this link and use the promotion code stoptheslide and you will be on your way to better reading today! 

Common Core Links

Does the Nessy Program address Common Core standards?

Yes, Nessy supports common core standards. More specific details as to which activities and lessons correspond to specific common core standards will be available soon.

Tech requirements

  • Windows PC or Apple Macintosh desktop
  • Broadband internet connection 
  • Chrome or Firefox browser recommended
  • Full tablet accessibility by Fall 2015 

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