Dyslexia in Michigan

Given it's large population, Michigan is not home to many independent schools which cater to students with dyslexia, but this might reflect the fact that public schools in the state conduct early screening (by grade 3) and provide effective remediation for students at risk, while also delivering in-service professional development on literacy to teachers. 

Schools for Students with Dyslexia in Michigan


Ann Arbor Academy


Eton Academy

Lake Michigan Academy

Leelanau School


Ann Arbor



Grand Rapids

Glen Arbor







Links to Other Dyslexia Resources in Michigan

International Dyslexia Association Service Providers

Decoding Dyslexia

Tutoring Centers for Students with Dyslexia in Michigan

Tutoring Center


Children's Dyslexia Centers

Michigan Dyslexia Institute

Specialized Language Development


4 Locations

Detroit and Bay City

6 Locations

3 Locations

Michigan Dyslexia Legislation

Michigan is a bit of an odd case. Although its legislation does not explicitly address dyslexia, it does require comprehensive screening for students in K-3,interventions and teacher professional development for literacy. Collectively these requirements serve students with dyslexia very well.

House Bill 4822 is perhaps the most dyslexia friendly piece of legislation we have read, despite the word dyslexia not appearing in it. The upshot is that parents should be seeing high levels of awareness in the classroom and related services for struggling readers.

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