Dyslexia in Ohio

Ohioans / Buckeyes care so much about reading that they formed three different International Dyslexia Association Branches (links below), but the state is home to only three schools that cater to students with dyslexia. Also there are many good tutoring centers including seven Children's Dyslexia Centers which provide services free of charge. 

Schools for Students with Dyslexia in Ohio


Lawrence School

Marburn Academy

Springer School and Center


Broadview Heights







Tutoring Centers for Students with Dyslexia in Ohio

Tutoring Center

Langsford Learning Acceleration Centers

Children's Dyslexia Centers




West Chester and Cincinnati

7 Locations

4 Locations

Dublin and Akron

Ohio Dyslexia Legislation

2014 the Ohio education system defined dyslexia and kicked off a three-year pilot program for assessment and intervention of students at risk of dyslexia but has passed no legislation related to literacy, reading or dyslexia. Nonetheless, all students are assessed for reading in grades K-3. Parents should inquire with their local school to see what kinds of assessments are being conducted and which interventions follow.

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