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Mission / Vision - In Their Words

Mission: The mission of the Frostig Center is to improve the lives of children with learning disabilities through an integrated program of primary research, profession development and consultation, and the Frostig School. 

How Frostig School Accommodates Dyslexia


Frostig's curriculum is approved by the California Department of Education and is accredited by the Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC).

Target Students: Students with learning disabilities and related learning problems including dyslexia, dysgraphia and dyscalculia, along with ADHD, ADD and high functioning autism.

Dyslexia Accommodation: Though the school specializes in learning difficulties no where on its website is are specific accommodations listed. Other support mentioned on the site include:

  • Educational therapists
  • Speech and language therapists
  • Psychotherapists 
  • Occupational therapists and counselors.
  • Social Skills Program 
  • High school students participate in a 'Transition Program' to help them plan their post secondary placement in academia or in the work force. 

Teacher Training:  The school indicates that teachers receive extensive training in learning disabilities though there are no details on the programs they are trained in.

Student Teacher Ratio: 6:1.  A typical classroom may have as many as 12 students instructed by a teacher and instructional assistant.  

Assistive Technology: There is no specific mention regarding assistive technology on the school website though it does specify that students have access to a computer lab.

Financial Support: The school has established a financial-aid fund. According to the site: "The fund is designed to assist with tuition support for a child with a documented financial need. Funding availability is dependent on grants we receive throughout the year."

Applications are managed by a third party (Financial Aid for School Tuition) Exactly how much is available or to how many students, is not known.

DRW Scorecard

Target Students / Mission: 2/4

Dyslexia Accommodation: 2/4

Teacher Training: 3/4

Student Teacher Ratio: 3/4

Assistive Technology: 2/4

Financial Support:  2+/4

DRW Scorecard

Based on information available at the school's website we have scored the school in six areas of importance to prospective parents and students.

Important Notes

1) Given the limitations of information available to us, the scores may not accurately represent the school. School administrators  or informed parents and students are welcome to contact us with additional information and we will update the scorecard accordingly.

2) Scoring is based on specific dyslexic student needs, not on an absolute scale of school quality.

DRW Scoring Grid

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