Greengate School

1300 Meridian Street N 
Suite 2200
Huntsville, Alabama 35801

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$18,000 (2013)

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Mission / Vision - In Their Words

Mission: Partnering with parents to provide dyslexic learners with a challenging, individualized curriculum that facilitates academic progress and builds confident and competent learners by utilizing our specialized Orton-Gillingham based multi-sensory program.

Vision: To assist students in managing their learning differences so they may cultivate their strengths.  We are dedicated to creating a challenging curriculum in a responsive learning environment where students can build the social competence and academic skills required for future success.

How They Accommodate Dyslexia

Target Students: Students with specific learning differences in reading, spelling or writing. Emphasis on students with dyslexia.

Dyslexia Accommodation: The school's website does not go into detail regarding specific accommodations for dyslexic students beyond mentioning that they use the Orton-Gillingham programs.  Other support mentioned on the website includes:

  • Individualized tutoring
  • Self-advocacy instruction  

Teacher Training: Greengate is one of just 12 schools in the United States that is formally Orton-Gillingham accredited, putting its reading programs in an elite group. Structured, multi-sensory language teaching methods are the basis for daily individualized tutoring and language lessons. 

Student Teacher Ratio: The kindergarten program reports a 6:1 ratio but for their other programs the site only notes a 'low' student teacher ratio.

Reading Program: 

Assistive Technology: The website makes suprisingly litte note of assistive tech and on the FAQ page we found this odd comment which suggests an almost anti-tech sentiment:

"We feel it is very important for dyslexic children to learn touch-typing and basic computing skills.
However, real life experience and the child’s own senses remain the strongest path for language remediation and retraining."

Perhaps someone should let them know that assistive technology uses the students senses and makes for very real and valuable life experience!

Financial Support: The school is building an endowment fund and a limited amount of tuition assistance is available each year.

Greengate School
DRW Scorecard

Target Students / Mission: 3/4

Dyslexia Accommodation: 2/4

Teacher Training: 4/4

Student Teacher Ratio: 3/4

Assistive Technology: 1/4

Financial Support: 3/4

DRW Scorecard

Based on information available at the school's website we have scored the school in six areas of importance to prospective parents and students.

Important Notes

1) Given the limitations of information available to us, the scores may not accurately represent the school. School administrators  or informed parents and students are welcome to contact us with additional information and we will update the scorecard accordingly.

2) Scoring is based on specific dyslexic student needs, not on an absolute scale of school quality.

DRW Scoring Grid

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