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Mission / Vision - In Their Words

Mission: New Way provides grade level curriculum based on Arizona State Standards while intensively remediating areas of individual challenge.

Vision: Our vision is to be a nationally renowned school providing exemplary educational instruction, state of the art remediation for areas of challenge, optimal social experiences, and the opportunity to unlock strengths and talents.

How They Accommodate Dyslexia


New Way Academy is partnered with several area universities (Arizona State University, Grand Canyon University and University of Phoenix) to train special education student teachers in their classrooms.

Target Students: Students with dyslexia, attention deficit disorder, Asperger's and/or other language based learning differences.  

Dyslexia Accommodation: The school's reading program is based on the Orton-Gillingham approach. Other support mentioned on the website includes:

  • Speech-language therapy as needed,
  • Occupational therapy as needed,
  • Individualized tutoring,
  • Focus on individual students' strengths 
  • The faculty partners with families to build students' organizational skills, social competence and independence

Teacher Training: The website indicates that teachers are certified in special education but there are no specifics regarding certifications. 

Student Teacher Ratio: No information on student teacher ratios specified on the school website.  

Assistive Technology: In addition to supplying laptops to middle and high school students and having two computer labs, the school's website also boasts that all classrooms in its new facility include smart boards. We know that smart boards are fun to use, but we are not sure about the added value to students' overall learning experience. 

Financial Support: The school's website lists several programs for financial assistance including statewide assistance programs and scholarships.

New Way Academy
DRW Scorecard

Target Students / Mission: 3/4

Dyslexia Accommodation: 3/4

Teacher Training: 3//4

Student Teacher Ratio:TBD

Assistive Technology: 4/4

Financial Support: 4/4

DRW Scorecard

Based on information available at the school's website we have scored the school in six areas of importance to prospective parents and students.

Important Notes

1) Given the limitations of information available to us, the scores may not accurately represent the school. School administrators  or informed parents and students are welcome to contact us with additional information and we will update the scorecard accordingly.

2) Scoring is based on specific dyslexic student needs, not on an absolute scale of school quality.

DRW Scoring Grid

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